The Quest…

…smells sort of like pesto.

The Mission: The Quest for the Lost Ring

Click here for Sock’s Mission Report

Hitting the trail:


The journey:

Along the way

The depths:

The Pool

Suit Up:

Suit Up

The Search:

The Search

Dive #1:

Dive 1

Found it! After Dive #2:

Found it 1

Found it 2

Mission Accomplished:

Mission Accomplished

Hmm, I wonder what could be in this one? Pirate Gold?:

This one next time

The West Fork of Oak Creek:


why high end triples are going by by

dumb? Kind of makes me wonder who in shimano thought this was a good idea? This train wreck aside, I like my mid range oem shimano triple on my touring bike. Low gears are good for groceries and clothing.  Here’s a lengthy article discussing the demise of the  triple crankset and why compacts are popular.

I like my triple.

saving my ass

This will be my first post on the new trip we’re taking on this blog. Future posts will be mission reports from the exploits of the Extreme Picnicking Club. But this post is about bike porn from my day of laying around. The Japanese arm of Bianchi makes an entire line of small wheel road bikes. Maybe there are enough short Japanese people that they need to make tiny bikes? But take a look at this beauty:

small wheeled bianchi

Craziness. Some sort of victorian midget bike. And it has a big brother:

I have a crush on this bike. Found here.

Some highschool classmates made these stickers:

Give hipsters a brake.

And finally, I suffered in silence from the scourge of a numb package on long rides. Although I now know it can also be caused from stinging insects stinging you in your crotch while you ride, I figured it had something to do with my saddle. Two weeks ago I bought and installed a selle anatomica saddle. The thing rocks. I might have solved my problems with a cheaper saddle with a cutout, but the bike nerd factor wouldn’t have been there. You can even watch someone’s ass making one of saddles flex here.


I have finally found a religion that satifies my spirituality needs.  I am now spreading the word…see the link.

Slow Ride

slow ride flyer

Hey Everyone,

 The above flier is for a ride that a buddy of mine is putting on on New Year’s Day.  I think that the CRAPers would be interested in joining in on the fun.

The Truth of the Matter

if it’s on the internet, it must be true  the truth  (edit – the page editor isn’t working on my machine ever. if you want to clean this up, delete this edit and fix the page. yep) 

Now THIS is rockin the ‘stache

This is amazing, right up there with Bear Force 1. In fact, I think the opening and closing sequence might have been their inspiration:

Some female undulation in the middle, but then they cut right back to the guy’s asses. What’s with that?