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In my head, I hear this as a Socks voice recording

beep… 6:42pm, my bike odometer rolled over 3000 miles. In the middle of the Mill Avenue bridge, on the edge of a dust storm. Nick is riding with me and gave me a high five. …boop boop


Fixed and geared

Fun fact : A long long time ago, before we were born, Sturmey Archer produced a 3 speed fixed gear hub called the ASC. With the recent onslaught of “fixed gear fever” Sturmey and their parent company, Sunrace, are thinking of resurrecting and producing a new version! And I think that’s fucking awesome. I’d buy it. Bikes don’t need to be any more elegant. Gimme as many cables as possible.

And while were at it, I present you with the first sketches for the gang colors Los Bicicletas de Muerte!