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Here’s some footage from our first WIPE, sponsored by CRAP and the Extreme Picnicking Society. We rode to McDowell Mountain Park on a Friday evening, ate a giant picnic and slept under the stars. The next WIPE is planned for the evening of Saturday October 18th, we’ll ride to Usery Mountain Park in East Mesa. It’s 23 miles one way.

The rest of the photos are here:

Gearing up at Bike Saviours.

Gearing up at Bike Saviours.

Look at this nerd in his kit on his geared touring bike.

Look at this nerd in his kit on his geared touring bike.

Night Touring.

Night Touring.

Extreme Picnic

Extreme Picnic

Star trails shot using Kodak Elite Chrome 200

Star trails. Shot on Kodak Elite Chrome 200.

Sunrise over Four Peaks. Shot on film.

Sunrise over Four Peaks. Shot on Kodak Elite Chrome 200 film.

Bikes. Shot on Slide Film.

Bikes. Shot on Kodak Elite Chrome 200 film.

Riding back through McDowell Mountain Park

Riding back through McDowell Mountain Park

Joes Cycling Fashion

Joe's Cycling Fashion


Sturmey Archer, you weenies. All I can do is hope you listen to me and bring a 3-speed fixed rear hub for me this christmas. It would be so wonderfully uneccessary, underappreciated, and amazing. I’d buy five!

but NOOOOOOOO, you are going to bring out a high end road groupset that looks like carbon Dura Ace. Ever here of the Modolo Morphos shifters? No? Well no one buys them. And unless you’ve got the marketing dollars of SRAM behind you, we’ll see where your road group gets you. Assholes!

Fuck you, I’ll be busy doing wheelies on my fixie.

oh, its on brotha.

The moustache ride is a week from today. Come one, come all. Come sober, come intoxicated. Get worse. Get awesome.

moustache ride flyer

1. “I thought y’all was cops”

Quotes from Tuesday’s zany CRAP ride:

2. “How did you get fired?” “Well, I’m Puerto Rican and a New Yorker”

3. “It was one of those slow motion crashes, I thought more people were going to run me over.”

4. “I could probably do this better if I wasn’t drunk already.”

5. “Get over to the side, you guys are breaking the law”

6. “That derailleur is definitely FUCKED”

7. “I reached down and poked him to see if he was alive”

8. “Find a rock that we can use as a hammer”

9. Various comments about 1980s toys, especially Ninja Turtles

10.  add more….

the hipster olympics

Who mentioned this to me? I can’t remember.

Remember kids, always wear your helmet…

…because this might happen:

Helmet Test

…uh, yeah. Ok, maybe not exactly that. Yeah, um, nevermind.

Found while organizing my Flickr account

oh my god
I found this guy’s Flickr photostream while organizing my photos online. It is pages and pages of collected erotic fantasy art of dragons and fairies. I can’t tell what is his art and what is just collected from other sources. Does it matter?  Get your D&D hard on here.