Seattle to Portland 2008

Cycling 200 miles from Seattle to Portland over July 12th and 13th 2008.

Socks’ blog post with more photos is here

Becca’s photos are here

My photo slideshow is here

And now, a new feature on MFT, an audio blog recorded by Socks during the ride. Plus extra bonus sea shanty singing at the end. Click play below:


Seattle before the ride:

Hmm I wonder what that bus’ number was?:

Seattle Streets:

The Clark homestead:

The bikes are here! The bikes are here!

Basement build:

And this is where my forefathers crossed the river

Seshing the Seattle hillsides


The Ride

Ready to go at the Clark’s

Start line

On your mark

First stop at REI corporate headquarters, wow there are a lot of bikes

The basket’s first apperance

Oh we’re bound for South Centralia(r)

Hey where’s your basket?

Centralia, 100 miles and the end of day 1


Main street Camp STP

The sun is up, it’s time to go

Becca with a jacket?

Through the farms of southern Washington

Over the bridge…

…into Oregon

The last rest stop…

…then on to Portland

Yay we made it!

Now for a shower and sleep

Portland after the ride


Bikes and Bridges

Goodbye STP, it was fun


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